We are so glad you have stopped by to visit.  I hope in some way you can find a welcome within these pages, that will make you want to come visit our church.  If there is ever anything that we can help you with, please let us know either by calling or e-mailing or even stopping in to talk some time.

Palmyra, Missouri

Palmyra sets in the beautiful hills of Northeast Missouri, a community any family would be proud to raise their family in.  A place where you still know people by their name, whether it is at school, the post office, or the grocery store.  The county seat of Marion County and a few minutes from historic Hannibal, Missouri and across the Mississippi River from Quincy, Illinois.  Some well known names came from this region, names of world renown.  Mark Twain, Sam Walton, Walt Disney, and E. M. Bounds, the man of prayer. 

In 1985, Bro. & Sis. Axton started the United Pentecostal Church in their living room, in their house on South Breckenridge Street.  The road to where we are today has not been without event, but to God be the Glory for all His Goodness!  We welcome you to come join us on this Great Adventure.  If you can't come to our church, now located at 1210 South Home Street, connect with us by our webcast and prepare to be blessed!

 Bible Studies

    Our ministries are expanding with growth.  We offer Bible studies for the eager student, private or in a group, with varied subjects to choose from.  Want to know more about how to be ready for the place Jesus has prepared for you in heaven?  Heard about the baptism of the Holy Ghost and you want to know how to receive it?  How about questions about the world events that are occurring, are we in the Endtime as the Bible talks about?  What about Armageddon?  As you can see there are many subjects and there is no obligation or cost for these. 



  In His Care,
Pastor Axton



Regular Schedule 


  • Sunday Morning
    – 10:00 AM
  • Evening Worship
    – 6:00 PM


  • Helping People Become More Like Him, Youth & Children Sessions
    – 7:00 PM

  June 2021  
Upcoming Events


Let's have Church in the Morning!
10:00 AM
Each Sunday Morning, we meet for worship that lifts the spirit and preaching that prepares you to be victorious in Christ. Join us for "Church in the Morning!" Every Sunday at 10:00 A.M.
Check back soon for more announcements.
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